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At CROWN BAIL BONDS we make the bond process fast, easy and professional.  We are on your team, we will work with you until bail is posted and those you care about are out of jail. Bail Lewiston Fast

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Our Agents in Lewiston are waiting to help you throught he bail bond process and help you in any way possible.  We are very fast and efficient.  We will meet you quickly and make sure everything is handled correctly so your loved ones do not spend additional time in jail.   

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We offer payment options on most bonds and will find a payment that fits your needs. You will find CROWN's agents to be professional and courteous.  We understand you are in a difficult situation that needs to be resolved as fast as possible.  You deserve the best service possible and with CROWN BAIL BONDS this is what you get. 

Nez Perce County Courts:           Nez Perce County Sheriff:

1230 Main Street                                       1150 Wall Street

Lewiston, Idaho  83501                             Lewiston, Idaho  83501

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